Miku Ito – Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark (Single) Plunderer : OST

June 23, 2020
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Info : Miku Ito – Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark

Miku Ito – Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark
Japanese Title: 孤高の光 Lonely dark
English Title: Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark
Description: Opening 2
From Anime: プランダラ
From Season: Winter 2020
Performed by: Miku Itou
Lyrics by: Eiko Kyo
Composed by: Mase Koji
Arranged by: Joji Nakahata (中畑丈治)
Released: 2020
File Size: 40 MB / 404 MB

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Miku Ito – Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark

M-01 «» TV Anime “Plunderer” 2nd Opening Theme


01 孤高の光 Lonely dark
02 Sweet Bitter Sweet Days
03 孤高の光 Lonely dark (off vocal ver.)
04 Sweet Bitter Sweet Days (off vocal ver.)

Miku Ito – Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark Lyrics 歌詞

[ Miku Ito – Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark ]

Egao no sakeme tojite
Namida wa mō karehateta
Kamen ni kakusu sugao
Haruka na kako no zetsubō

Henkō fu kanō na itami no subete
300 (surī hando reddo) Loves
Toki o koe ai ni fureta yubi o wasurenaide

Kokō no hikari dare yori mabushī
Kagayakanaide makkura na mama de ī
Kanashimi wa ashita e no chizu
Mienai mirai ni mo yoru ga akeru koto shinjite

[ Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark – Translation ]

A tear of the smile, closing my eyes
My tears are dried up already
True face hidden underneath of the mask
The despair of the past in the distance

All of unchangeable pains
300 loves
Go beyond the time, don't forget the finger that felt love

A solitary light, it shines brighter than anybody else
Don't shine, it's ok to remain dark
Sorrow is a map of tomorrow
Believe that a dawn will come to the future that can't be seen

[ Miku Ito – 孤高の光 Lonely dark ]


300(スリーハンドレッド) Loves
時を越え 愛に触れた指を忘れないで

孤高の光 誰より眩しい
輝かないで 真っ暗なままでいい

[ Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark – Terjemahan ]

Menutup rip senyum
Air mata sudah layu.
Wajah nyata tersembunyi di topeng
Putus asa masa lalu yang jauh

Semua rasa sakit yang tidak dapat diubah
300 (300) mencintai
Jangan lupa jari yang menyentuh cinta seiring waktu

Cahaya dari soliter adalah dazzlinger daripada orang lain.
Jangan bersinar. Jaga agar tetap berwarna hitam.
Kesedihan adalah sebuah peta untuk besok.
Saya percaya bahwa malam akan fajar di masa depan yang tak terlihat

Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark (孤高の光 Lonely dark) is the seventh single by Ito Miku. It was released on June 17, 2020.
The lead track Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark was used as the second opening theme for the anime Plunderer.
Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark (孤高の光 Lonely dark, Kokō no Hikari Lonely dark, lit: "Lofty light, Lonely dark") is the second opening theme for the Plunderer anime. It was originally scheduled for release on May 27, 2020. However, due to on-going COVID-19 outbreak, it was delayed and released on June 17, 2020 instead.

Japanese: Plunderer

Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 9, 2020 to Jun 25, 2020
Licensors: Funimation
Genres: Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Shounen
Duration: 22 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Sinopsis Plunderer

Alcia is a world governed by "Count": numbers engraved on a person's body, representing any number related to their life. These Counts determine a person's social status and power in Alcia. If a Count reaches zero, the person is sent to the Abyss, a place rumored to be worse than death.

Hina, a traveler whose Count is based on the distance she traveled, witnessed her mother get dragged down into the Abyss. Determined to fulfill her mother's last wishes, she sets off on a journey in search of the legendary Aces—heroes of the war that happened three hundred years ago, bearing a white star next to their Count.

While wandering around, Hina encounters Licht Bach, a mysterious masked man with negative Count, and Nana, the owner of a tavern. In the midst of having a good time, Hina is tricked into a battle with a military soldier. However, despite his negative count, Licht rescues Hina and reveals that he has another count, one with a white star, one of a legendary Ace.

Plunderer follows the journey of Hina and other inhabitants of Alcia as they discover the truth about their world, the Abyss, and the legendary Aces.

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