GReeeeN – Hoshikage no Yell

May 11, 2020
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Info : GReeeeN – Hoshikage no Yell (Single)

GReeeeN – Hoshikage no Yell
Japanese Title: 星影のエール
Alternative Title: Hoshikage no Yell
Description: Main Theme Song
TV Series: Yell
From Season: Spring 2020
Performed by: GReeeeN
Lyrics by: GReeeeN
Composed by: GReeeeN
Arranged by: N/A
Released: 2020
File Size: 9MB / 24MB

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Hoshikage no Yell (星影のエール) by GReeeeN

GReeeeN brings a song for TV series, “Yell” as its main theme song!


1 Hoshikage no Yell 星影のエール

GReeeeN – Hoshikage no Yell Lyrics 歌詞


Naite umarete hibiku inochi
Kitto ureshikute waratte iru nda
Bokura wa kitto deau deshou
Te wo hiki se wo oshi deau deshou

Kitto itsuka kyou no hi mo imi wo motte hora
Mimi wo sumaseba

Hoshi no mienai hibi wo koeru tabi ni
Tagai terasu sono imi wo shiru no deshou
Aisuru hito yo shin'ai naru tomo yo
Tooku made hibiku wa Yell

Ashita wa kitto ii tenki
Aoki haru mo mata sou deare

Hakushi no monogatari ni nani wo egaku no ka
Dare to egaku no ka

Hoshi no mienai hibi de mayou tabi ni
Dareka terasu sono imi wo shiru no deshou
Aisuru hito yo shin'ai naru tomo yo
Anata koso ga Yell

Mukashi mukashi kara hora 1000-nen mo sono mae mo
Bokura mayowanu you ni hoshi ni namae wo tsuketa
Dare yori mo watashi ni wa kagayaku hoshi hora
Yoake mae no sora

Toki ni watashi no ushiro ni hikaru hoshi
Nobita kage to yorisotte aruiteku
Itsu made mo Yell

Asa mo hiru mo yoru mo zutto soko ni aru
Kurayami ni hora hibike ichiban boshi
Aisuru hito ya tomo to yoberu hito ni
Dea Yell
Aisuru hito yo shin'ai naru tomo yo
Hoshikage ni hibiku wa Yell


The life that is born crying and resonates
I'm sure he's happy and laughing.
I'm sure we'll meet
You'll see me by holding back and pushing your back.

I'm sure someday today will make sense, you know.
If you listen to me,

Every time i go beyond the days when the stars are invisible
You know what it means to shine at each other.
My dear, my dear friend.
Far from the ale that resonates

I'm sure it'll be fine tomorrow.
The blue spring is also like that.

What do you draw in a blank story?
Who do you draw with?

Every time I get lost in the days when the stars are invisible
You know what it means to shine.
My dear, my dear friend.
You're the ale.

For a long time, you know, a hundred years ago.
We named the stars so that we wouldn't get lost.
A star that shines to me more than anyone.
Pre-dawn sky

Sometimes the stars that glow behind me
Walking close to the extended shadows
Forever, Yale.

It's been there all morning, day and night.
The darkest star
To someone you can call a loved one or a best friend.
Encounter Ale
My dear, my dear friend.
The sound in the shadow of the stars is ale

[ KANJI 歌詞 ]

泣いて 生まれて 響く命
きっと嬉しくて 笑っているんだ
僕らはきっと 出逢うでしょう
手を引き 背を押し 出逢うでしょう

きっといつか今日の日も 意味を持って ほら

星の見えない日々を 超えるたびに
互い照らすその意味を 知るのでしょう
愛する人よ 親愛なる友よ
遠くまで 響くはエール

明日はきっと いい天気
青き春もまた そうであれ

白紙の物語に 何を描くのか

星の見えない日々で 迷うたびに
誰か照らすその意味を 知るのでしょう
愛する人よ 親愛なる友よ
あなたこそが エール

昔々から ほら 1000年もその前も
僕ら迷わぬように 星に名前をつけた
誰よりも私には輝く星 ほら

いつまでも エール

朝も昼も夜もずっと そこにある
暗闇にほら響け 一番星
愛する人や 親友(トモ)と呼べる人に
愛する人よ 親愛なる友よ
星影に 響くはエール

Background information

Origin: Kōriyama, Japan
Genres: Pop rock, hip hop, breakbeat
Years active: 2002–present
Labels: Nayutawave Records (2007–2014) Zen Music (2014–present)
Associated acts: JIN
Members: Hide Navi 92 Soh
Source: Wikipedia

Description GReeeeN

Greeeen (stylized as GReeeeN) is a Japanese pop rock/hip hop/breakbeat vocal group from Kōriyama in Fukushima Prefecture, comprising the all-male four members Hide, Navi, Kuni (written as "92"), and Soh. They made their debut with Universal Music in 2007. Their logo image is of a mouthful of teeth, and the four Es indicate the number of members. The sound production is handled by Hide's older brother JIN, a former guitarist of Pay money To my Pain. According to their website at Universal Music Japan, their catch phrase is "Rock 'n' Breakbeats with Four Microphones".

One notable characteristic is that none of the members have ever shown their faces in the public sphere as a part of GReeeeN, whether in their promotional videos, CDs, television performances, or the Internet. In their only performance on TV-U Fukushima's music show Music Bar Palo Palo (broadcast on January 19, 2007), the group even went as far as censoring their faces during the performance. GReeeeN cites keeping their professional lives in dentistry compatible with their musical ventures as the reason, but one of the members, Hide, has hinted that after all of the members pass the prefectural examination in dentistry and receive permission from the directors of the hospitals they work for, the group may consider a public appearance.

All members studied at the dentistry department at Ohu University in Koriyama City, (Fukushima Prefecture) and the group debuted while still in school in 2007. In 2019, they were named as 'Frontier Ambassadors' for the city.

The members' identities are still unknown, as their faces have never been made public. At first, the group stated that they would wait until all of the members passed the exam before revealing their faces, but in 2009 they indicated that they will still keep their identities secret to avoid any interference with their careers as dentists.

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